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Needless to say, it pays to stay on good terms with your neighbours.

Arak is made and sold on Bali, but the yellow murky stuff in the Absolut bottles at the roadside stands is petrol, sold to passing bikes at a small premium on the petrol station price.

The banjar is one of the oldest social units in Bali, essentially a type of Hindu parish council: the guys in ceremonial gear you’ll see directing traffic from time to time are representatives of the banjar.

Despite the name, you can’t work on a business visa – it’s designed for people researching business opportunities.Many banks will hold foreign cards at a main branch for you; at least one destroys all foreign cards found in the machine. That’s why villa rentals specify the electricity wattage: 7700W will enable you to run a bazillion air-conditioners, plus pool, plus electronics, plus watt-guzzling electric kettle, washing machine, water heaters, American-style fridge, at least when they’re not broken, but you will pay many, many times more per unit used than a local Balinese family running some lights, a couple of fans and a fridge.Moving from 7700W to 4400W, for example, can save well over a thousand dollars a year, though you might need to move to a gas kettle.Swingeing import taxes mean that wines, spirits and liqueurs cost four to five times what they would back home: rough wine produced on Bali from Australian grape must starts at around IDR160,000 (US) in a shop, while imported South African, Chilean or Australian wines cost double that. There is currently no official limit to the number of times you can enter Bali on a tourist visa.That said, in October 2015 an advisory recommended restricting entry for people with more than one tourist visa in their passports.

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If someone builds a fancy-schmancy gigantic 3-bedroom villa with an ocean view in A. Other village and rents it for 250 million, that becomes the rate for the myriad mini 3-bedroom villas that will pop up in its wake in A. Food gets more expensive around Idul Fitri, not only because of the enormous evening feasts (iftar) but because Muslims are saving up money to return home.

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  1. He got too angry too quickly and gave up on Hermione. Emma is an avid tea drinker, and enjoys taking pictures of nice sunsets, talking too loud, and getting too into TV shows like Gossip Girl, Friends, and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt!

  2. By 2023, ninety four new trains will be in service giving a train every 135 seconds (27/hour compared with 24/hour now) giving space for an additional 21,000 passengers each peak hour.