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Affairs dating agencies

Welcome to the Online Orientation for newly licensed medical practitioners. 45:9-22.21) with the duty to implement the Web-based New Jersey Health Care Profile.We are making this material available in this format so you don't have to schedule yourself to sit in a five hour orientation session, and can complete this at your convenience. You've probably already received notification about updating your Profile.

The material presented provides an overview of the New Jersey Board of Medical Examiners (BME), highlighting significant issues, laws and regulations. They enable the public's expectations of quality medical care in New Jersey.

The law required the Board to provide for registration and permits, and for the scope of practice of practitioners in training. Otherwise, once your license is placed in Suspended status, you will have to reinstate your license to Active status, even if you intend to place it in Inactive status.

It also required the Board to notify all licensed facilities and associated licensees of formal disciplinary actions taken. This is a more expensive and lengthier process than reinstating from Inactive status.

After the first renewal cycle though, in order to renew your license, you must attest to having earned the CME credits required each renewal cycle.

100 hours are required every two years, 40 of which must be in Category I, and 60 in Category I or II.

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Random audits are used to evaluate compliance with CME regulations once the renewal is complete.

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