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“Privacy and data are global challenges and international cooperation like this will become a key tool for the future of privacy enforcement,” said Commissioner Pilgrim.“Certainly, my office will always look to pursue Australians’ privacy rights, no matter where that leads.” The Commissioner also noted that, while providing answers for customers affected by the August 2015 breach, the report also highlights an important lesson for all users of online services.

The report offers important lessons to any businesses relying on personal information as part of their business model.” The Commissioner noted that the report identifies numerous actions and improvements that ALM will need to take to address the issues identified through the investigation process.

In response, ALM has offered binding commitments to each Commissioner, which are court enforceable, to improve its personal information practices and governance.

This result provides closure on one of the world’s most widely reported data breaches, and is the first time the Australian and Canadian Commissioners have jointly enforced privacy protections.

Have an affair") that was the target of hackers last year -- is attempting to broaden its appeal beyond people in committed relationships who are looking to stray. (Honestly, these ads may be as likely to spur sales of Tom Rosenthal's catalog as they are Ashley Madison memberships.) "The new creative is quite a departure for Ashley Madison," Rob Segal, CEO of the dating site's parent Avid Life Media, told Creativity.

The three spots, created in-house and backed by a million media buy, are titled "Hotel," "Poly" (above) and "Subway," but only "Hotel" directly references a cheating spouse -- in this case, a woman executive who seems to be in an unhappy marriage, judging by the way she sullenly slices a cucumber (symbolism! Tom Rosenthal's indie folk-pop song "As Luck Would Have It" is the soundtrack for "Hotel," and it's so lovely that it makes the subtext of infidelity -- made possible by a chance encounter during a business trip -- seem somehow less creepy. And in "Poly," an attractive man and woman who are in a relationship that's perhaps getting a little stale meet another woman, together, at a party -- and you can sense the energy sparking between the three of them.

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Commissioners Pilgrim and Therrien opened a joint investigation into the breach in August 2015.