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Jen falls in love with an expensive sports jacket, but is unable to afford it.However, when she learns that her friends all steal from their jobs, Jonesy is able to talk her into stealing it.Caitlin, a 15-year-old spoiled brat, maxes out her credit card and is forced by her father to get a job in order to pay it off.

When a televised talent competition (parodying American Idol) comes to the mall, Wyatt signs up for it and manages to win with a song he wrote about how great his friends are.She wants to break up with him, but her friends warn her that if Cory Halder's a jerk, he could convince his father to fire her.To this end, she decides to become the worst girlfriend ever.The Christmas rush has hit, and the gang has to find a way to survive it.Caitlin tries to keep everyone's spirits up and help them celebrate Christmas, while Jen and Nikki suffer through horrible customers and Jonesy is forced to wear tights at his job as "Santa's little helper." Caitlin really likes Kyle Donaldson, a handsome tennis player, so Jen tries to help her get a date with him.

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The following is a list of episodes for the Canadian animated television series 6teen.