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Born in Humble, Weaver learned to skate at the Galleria and other Houston ice rinks. Cecilia Catholic School in Houston, her first coaches included two Olympic ice dancers - Stephen Williams, who competed for Great Britain in the 1984 Winter Olympics, and Mark Janoschak, who competed for Canada in 1992. After Clavey left the sport, she searched for partners and was teamed with Poje.What began as a pastime, she said, "became my life's goal and passion." "There's something so emotional about ice dancing," she said. She commuted between Houston and Dallas and attended high school in Connecticut while training with Charles Clavey, with whom she finished fourth in the 2006 U. "Right away, we were a great physical match," Weaver said.It was more just for our experiences and to take it in.

A third struck with painful force in December 2012: a broken left fibula that threatened to derail her progress toward another try at the Olympics.SOCHI, Russia — Each ice dance and pairs figure skating team at the Olympics will have no more than seven minutes of ice time, if they are lucky, to prove to a panel of judges and the world that they are a single unit, a duo that can twizzle, trot and leap harmoniously as one.But year-round and off the ice, several teams have embarked on campaigns to project an image of unity.Visit the website of the Canadian ice dancers Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, the defending Olympic champions, and you will find images that seem as if they should be accompanied by a Save the Date notice and a bridal registry.The two look longingly into each other’s eyes, frolic through a pond with fishing lines in tow and blow bubble gum together.

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I think enjoying those things and showing ourselves as a united front in every way is really important to us.”Last summer, the Canadian ice dancers Kaitlyn Weaver and Andrew Poje had Broadway-themed photographs taken in New York in preparation for the program they are performing at the Olympics, which is inspired by the musical “42nd Street.” The two, who describe themselves as best friends, said it helped them get in the mood for the performance.