Android circles widget weather not updating dating cabinet cards

Posted by / 26-Jan-2017 01:14

Tap on the hand.7) The skin will now appear on your homescreen.

To change certain skin settings (colors, hotspot settings, time format, etc) with hotspots deactivated, tap anywhere on the skin.

but now the pictures are all gone and i only have the contacts.

To add the skin to your homescreen follow these instructions.

(Please note, these instructions will work for the majority of users but in some situations, the methods might be a little different due to different launchers.)1) Long press in an open spot on your homescreen and select "Widgets".2) Scroll down until you see the different UCCW sizes available.3) Select the appropriate size from the list for the skin you are adding.4) UCCW will now open a list of installed skins including paid UCCW skins from the Google Play Store (this is the only place the paid skins will show up).5) Select from the list the skin which you wish to add.6) On your homescreen a hand pointing to a blue dot will now appear with the words "Touch here" written below.

I have a G4 and the time and weather widget no longer draws correctly: the temperature and date are not centred in their circles.

This appears to be due to changes to the Google launcher.

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