Anna faris dating advice snl

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Anna faris dating advice snl

- Jon Gabrus: Intern Gino Lambardo’s Drive Time Radio Show Kaitlynn: It’s one of the greatest podcast premises – Lauren Lapkus has the guest be the host and the host is the guest. Gino the intern regularly commutes from Long Island to LA to help out Scott Aukerman and grab waters for guests while catchphrase-loving Traci went to prom with Scott and works at Claire’s/Baskin Robbins.Episode 52 is one year into the weekly show and s fan favorite interns are reuniting. Two interns together, and the sparks are flying: “If I thought I was going too far calling you cute, I definitely crossed that line when I stared at your bare ass.” Traci’s butt piercing comes out only eleven minutes into the ep.

Your best friend is 30 years younger than you and, oh yea, you created her?- The Return of Jimmy Pardo Pablo: Greg Fitzsimmons and Jimmy Pardo got a lot in common. Both have been doing standup for nearly three decades and started podcasts well before the boom.And both hate the soul sucking environment of a character role audition.Gino Lampardo (Jon Gabrus) hosts his drive time radio show with guest Traci Reardon whose speech makes it hard for Gino to learn her name (Weardon? Is Gino’s Aunt Diane the real Long Island Medium because of her love of medium-sized dicks and meaty-yum dicks?So many world issues are discussed, from the latest Long Island news to ISIS.

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- Allison Janney Elizabeth: Actress Anna Faris claims to be unqualified to give relationship advice (although given that she’s married to Chris Pratt, I beg to differ).