Aquarius and dating dating services for singles over 50

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They go against all traditional beliefs and create their own destiny.

They don’t really bother about what anybody else says or does since they dance to their own tune. Trying to unravel all mysteries about these women is like trying to catch the wind.

They always know what to say, with a touch of humor and ease.

I'm not talking about the conventional kinds of smart. Aquarians are completely and utterly neutral, with a sharp sense of fairness and respect for others.

When something piques their interest, they will explore every possible angle of the topic. They are always sure to avoid conflict, not because they are passive, but because their priority is themselves. Treat your Aquarius in a way they consider disrespectful, and you'll have no second chance.

They are an intellectual powerhouse and when they find their focus, they are unstoppable. They will always say what is on their mind to remedy a situation before it escalates.

This distaste for conflict feeds into their self-reliance.

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For anyone finding themselves single this Valentine's Day, it might be time to start searching for your Aquarius.

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