Aquarius woman and taurus man dating best opening line for dating site

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Aquarius woman and taurus man dating

This man typically is not classically attractive but can be, as in actor Paul Newman.

But, if he has strong Aquarius energy or an Aquarius Ascendant, he can have bucked, crooked and broken teeth, a large nose with a bump in it, droopy eyelids/sleepy eyes, and a long neck and a long face like Ichabod Crane and this quirky physical appearance will somehow be somewhat attractive.

It will be especially attractive, of course, to a woman who has a tendency to fall for unusual looking men.

As with all Aquarius’ they need to watch out for injuries to the calves and ankles.

Liking to surprise others, he is unhappy if he feels his freedom is being diminished.

It is when you are an outstanding (prominent or unusual) individual that he will notice you. The Aquarius male likes to collect “friends” who he may call friends but even after many years are only acquaintances, even if he accompanies them on short trips or camping, picnics with them, lets them stay in his home or has dinner with them once a month or so. He prefers being alone in his home with his quirks that he thinks others will not accept from him.

If he likes you, you are one of the MANY people he has generally befriended and that is not necessarily a bad thing as he can make such people feel they are receiving special attention from him.

He is then likely to walk out of the room and refuse to discuss the topic at hand.

When he is angry, the Aquarius male will not yell or otherwise obviously show it.

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Remember, you CAN find love no matter what your sign.