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Then I would hand it over to my eldest son, like an inheritance.Anyone out there with similiar interests, male or female? Also the contrast of the color of the areola to the color of the skin is the same indicator. Okay, Yellow or olive skin,with jet black pubes,(think Japanese or s)And the naked body is pixilated or coverd in robes and veils, it is in these cultures where women are stoned to death or walk 3 feet behind the men and don't speak as equals and taboos are ,well,really TABOO! Because you can see the "CONTRAST OF THE BUSH" a mile away, I challenge debate on this theory,it is not racist,it is not a joke, it is an important explanation that calls some of our sexual preconceptions up for revaluation,or at the very least explains cultural sexual differences in the language of science,rather than race, religion or "morals".Sort out your own fucking mess: we want nothing to do with you.

I thought that was the statue of liberty but whatever.As about living too far , my profesional/personal situation allow's me to travel on a regular basis to visit the right person , also take charge of all travel cost's if the right mistress want to visiti me till we get to know each other , After that i may relocate to my mistress or take charge of everything if she wants to relocate to me.I patiently awaits your answer, hoping you'll give me the honor of answering your worthless, but obedient slave.You'll be able to choose my name, since i'll be yours every hour, every day of the week.Just call your slut's name and i'll rush to your feet on my hands and knees.

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I Will belongs to you, and so does my whole body and mind.