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When you're done, make sure you run the Windows Phone Application Analysis tools see how your application does.This version, as you'll recall, doesn't auto-update the lock screen because it can't.With Windows Phone 8 there's three resolutions, in fact as Justin points out: The resolutions are: WVGA (480x800 pixels), also used in Windows Phone 7; WXGA (768x1280 pixels), essentially an HD version of WVGA; and the wildcard 720P (720x1280 pixels) that uses a different aspect ratio to WVGA and WXGA.Because everything is non-blocking this would fire off many save requests and eventually they'd collide at the file system with an "Access Denied" or something equally useful.

I updated my app a few weeks ago but my first good bug came in from a gent with a HTC Windows Phone device running at 1280x720, rather than 1280x768.

I was actually being too specific and not letting the system lay itself out optimally.

You'll find that at least half your time doing mobile apps (regardless of Apple, Windows or Android) is getting the PNGs and artwork files correct).

Before I'd just save the wallpaper and you'd wait and you had no choice.

It's more likely that I'll be updating the phone80 branch then "back porting" new feature so for now this work fine, but know I can always make a single build if I want.

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This was my #1 request and everyone assumed it was my fault that the feature didn't exist.