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NOTE: This numbering system apparently ran until 1955, possibly longer, and concurrently with the newer serial system that debuted in 1948 (shown below).

Raleighs of any model may be seen with either serial number type during this era.

By 1961/62, an additional-single letter suffix was added, presumably as an identifier of the factory the frame was produced, for every single example I've seen is represented by the letter "N," which is not unreasonable to assume stands for Nottingham.

Neither it is not out of the question that other letters may exist, representing Raleigh's other factories.

The system consists of a seven-digit serial - beginning with #1000000 in 1963 - running up to the #4600000-#4800000 range by 1969, at which point, it was discontinued.If your Raleigh is equipped with a Sturmey-Archer rear hub that you suspect has not been been changed, check the date code on the hub's shell as well for additional verification.Please do not repost the serial charts below elsewhere.One may assume that "RA" serial numbers began with "RA00001" (or RA1000), and continue until "RA 99999 N," at which point the system was reset to "RB 00001 N" (or RB 10000 N).This seems to have happened around 1962, and it is reasonable to assume that all "RB" symbols represent bikes produced post-1961.

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4-5 digits followed by two letters (or, for the 28"-wheel models, two letters followed by 4-5 digits).