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CP of NYS is a broad-based, multi-service organization encompassing 24 Affiliates and 18,000 employees providing services and programs for more than 100,000 individuals with cerebral palsy and developmental disabilities, as well as resources for families.

Cerebral Palsy Australia is the national peak body of organisations that work with people with cerebral palsy and people with similar disabilities and their carers.

Since 1952, Cerebral Palsy Australia (formerly known as CP Australia and the Australian Cerebral Palsy Association) has provided a national voice for cerebral palsy awareness Furthermore, Cerebral Palsy Australia has positively contributed to the community through research and service development for children and adults with cerebra…

Haddad still doesn’t know why the man in Manhattan’s Industry Bar burst into tears when he saw him.

“There are spaces where I am confident without the walker. “They always normalized it [his disability], so there was nothing strange or different about it.”When Haddad had a surgery at around 6 that allowed him to take steps, one of his brothers walked him around the house, incentivizing him to move with promises to take him to New York, or build him a Broadway theater.“He was a teenager, a middle-school jock, an athletic butch, straight guy, but he knew what I needed to hear,” Haddad recalled. My father, for better or worse, has spent lot of time not even acknowledging that I am disabled, and in a way that was not harmful.As the notes for his play state: “Do you have a high sex drive? A recent graduate of Ohio Wesleyan University, having studied theater and creative writing, Haddad said, “I was under the impression that I couldn’t be an actor because of my disability.I grew up wondering, ‘Did I not get this part in this community-theater show or high-school show because I have a walker, or because I was not right for the part? ”He got some parts, but with others he never knew if it was skills being judged or his disability.Growing up in such a positive and supportive familial environment meant Haddad never felt angry—an emotion he felt for the first time walking into gay bars. If I was funny, smart, and fabulous and didn’t have a disability, I’d still be all those things but you wouldn’t find it ‘inspiring.’”As a teenager he didn't know why this “inspiration” could be seen as a microagression, or patronizing or insulting, but--in recent times--he also had an experience with a middle-aged woman who lived in his block who said she had watched him come and go about his life, and had found it inspiring.At school he was smart and funny, always excelling at whatever he did, “and even if people were surprised at the disabled kid doing it they were inspired by it.”Haddad has mixed feelings about inspiring others. This inspiration was far from patronizingly expressed—it was in the context of her caring for her sister who had a degenerative disease, which she ultimately died from last year.

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I knew that would stop if I came out, and it did.”They had to get over their ideas about what “gay” meant, said Haddad, and the perception of him having a wife and children.