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;) Here in Texas, dietary theory is fairly simple: the steer eat the vegetables and we eat them. We can differ and argue passionately regarding where we should be on that contimuum, but on a fundamental level we are joined in a common cause, the American cause.Those that would attempt to trap you or I in the distorted distraction of what the left and right labels have become, add nothing to the political discourse.'I agree with much of what you say.Our constitution contains nothing short of the the Holy Grail of how to protect the people from oppression from both extrems.

I suspect many folks see 'fascism' or 'nazism' as the extreme manifestation of the far right and socialism or communism as extreme manifestations of the left.However; that was under government control resulting in essentially the same outcome.I'm sure you are well aware that Nazi is short (auf Deutsch)for the National Socialist party.It's time we stop alowing US manufacturing to wither away.None of our other arguements regarding how to share the wealth will have any meaning without the ability to create wealth.

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I hope we have all read our Marx and Engals and understand that socialism is the precursor to communism differing by the lack of coercion under communism after the gift of socialism becomes evident to the masses and they cease to resist. Genuine freedom exists only somewhere between those poles of the continuum.

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