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Dating children after separation

We wanted to take the opportunity to share this valuable advice.

Tamara gives some great insight into how children are affected by divorce and give ideas and advice on ways parents can help their children adjust positively to the separation and post divorce family life.

"Ms Bennett says if the relationship isn't improving after seeking help, it's not healthy to remain as a family unit."If literally the only reason for staying together is for the kids, we generally believe that shouldn't be the deciding factor," she said.

At coparently we like to share ideas and advice that helps parents navigate their way through divorce or separation and help with their new roles as co-parents.

Most of her research focuses on how family members cope communicatively with various challenges they face.

When examining her research program, two primary themes emerge: (1) information regulation (privacy, secrets, disclosure, avoidance) in parent-child and dating relationships, and (2) communication processes related to uncertainty, loss, stress and coping in families, with particular emphasis on post-divorce families.

She says it is a grieving process most children move past eventually.

Ultimately, she says, parents need to consider the cost of forgoing their own happiness."In some cases the parents …

But is staying for the children gifting them a nuclear family or a sacrifice that does more harm than good?compromise 10 years of their own happiness to stay together, but is that really something the child will be grateful for?"As a divorce lawyer, Kasey Fox doesn't recommend parents stay an item for the sake of the children, but is grateful her parents did.The 34-year-old Canberran says despite there being no arguments in the home, a lack of affection made it obvious they "just weren't meant for each other".Her parents didn't admit at the time of the separation they had kept their 25-year-long relationship going for the kids, but confirmed years later "in so many words"."I remember thinking at the time before they even chose to separate 'why would you bother staying together, why wouldn't you just separate and be happy? Ms Fox says witnessing the fights over young children her divorce clients go through has made her appreciative of her parents' decision to wait."So I'm grateful for it, but now I'm a divorce lawyer it's not something I would recommend," she said."I can see for some families you can see if they thought if 'I just need to hang in there for a few more years', from their perspective it is protecting their children."Counsellor Fiona Bennett says parents should seek professional help before ending the relationship, because "there are plenty of success stories"."Focusing on what their relationship needs as well as what the children need can help get a good grasp on what they can do [to help the relationship]," she said.

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But the fact that I am a more confident, happy and healthier person really speaks volumes," she said."Kids are resilient …

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