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Dating clay pipes

Marx at the site of the sunken city of Port Royal, Jamaica in 1968.

1610 - 1640: This period saw the development of a flat base and a true spur upon which to rest the pipe.

1700 - 1770: One of the most striking features of pipe development during this period is that the top of the bowl became parallel with the stem.

During the mid eighteenth century, extra-long pipe stems became fashionable, measuring between 18 and 24 inches in length with a stem bore averaging 3/32 inchs.

Except for the occasional maker's mark (the pipe pictured is Dutch-1670-1700), the pipes for the seventeenth century were plain.

1660 - 1680: One such variation was the West Country style pipe that featured a curved bowl that lost much of its "barrel" look.

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1580 - 1610: By 1573 the first written description of clay pipes referred to them as being shaped like a ladell.