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BBC Prehistoric Life This informative and engaging site, part of BBC Science and Nature, has many detailed sections, including Caveman Profiles, Lucy’s Legacy, Dinosaurs, Walking with Monsters, and more.In the caveman section you can click on a skull for handy facts about hominids.It’s a fascinating museum with a famous collection including the “Lady and the Unicorn” tapestries, a series representing the five senses and a mysterious sixth.Since 2016, the Musée de Cluny – National Museum of the Middle Ages has been undergoing a massive restoration project, intended to make the museum more accessible. As part of the construction, the entire museum will be closed to the public from March 1st to mid-July 2018.Tickets: Not including temporary exhibits: €8, reduced rate €6, Free of charge for persons under 26 years of age (EU citizens or long-term residents in the EU) and for everyone on the first Sunday of every month.

You’ll also find a new tour route through the Roman thermal baths.(The unicorn tapestries are currently showing in a special exhibit at the Art Gallery of New South Wales through June 24th, 2018.The tapestries have only left the Cluny Museum twice in the last 50 years.) Come summer 2018, the museum will show off a new reception area close to boulevard Saint-Michel.Prehistoric man ‘used crude sat nav’ Telegraph, September 15, 2009 — Prehistoric man navigated his way across England using a crude version of sat nav based on stone circle markers, historians have claimed.Evolution The PBS Evolution web site compliments a seven-part, eight-hour television broadcast series.

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