Dating services for bukharan jews

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Dating services for bukharan jews

“You can be attracted on every level, but if practice is off, it can be a deal breaker.” But she is seeing more openness to intercultural relationships.

In addition to some of the usual questions one might expect from any matchmaker—career ambitions, willingness to relocate, family expectations, physical type—Fass also asks questions specific to Jewish tradition, such as the keeping of kosher dietary laws and holiday observance.

“I always say that love doesn’t have to be in your backyard,” she says.

“If you really want it, you need to expand your parameters in terms of a lot of things—especially geographic.” Making a match between two Jews is considered a “mitzvah”—technically, a Biblical commandment, but colloquially expressed as a general good deed. “Even if you’re secular, you want to celebrate Passover.

She has a confessional nature, an efficient, straight-A-student upbeat vibe, and plans to build her business—called Fass Pass to Love—into a matchmaking empire.

Fass started her matchmaking business as a hobby, but has been working at it full-time since 2013.

One of Fass’s clients, a 43-year-old nurse who lives in Sydney, said he was receptive to meeting someone locally, but pragmatic about the odds: “A large proportion of our people live in Israel or America, and the idea is not to limit the prospective match.” Margaux Chetrit-Cassuto, a matchmaker with Three Matches in Montreal, said 90 percent of her clients are willing to consider relocation for the right partner.

She has established networks in New York City, Miami, and Tel Aviv. “There are children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors who feel a strong sense of responsibility.

“That helps create a real community feeling and camaraderie, and people just need to tap into it.” Of course, Jewish culture and practice is far from homogeneous, and low population numbers and a diaspora that spans out across the globe can make it harder to find someone compatible, Fass said.There are others who identify as cultural Jews and they want to make Jewish jokes and have someone who gets it.Some people just feel more comfortable with someone Jewish because they grew up with Jews.” That comfort can also help ease integration in a new city that also has an established Jewish community, says Berzack.There was the 55-year-old doctor who attended three Ivy League institutions, enjoys ice cream, and was seeking a woman willing to relocate to Los Angeles to start a family.A 38-year-old female social worker who loves salsa dancing and kayaking was willing to relocate to Israel or anywhere in the United States for “a man who can appreciate an optimistic and ambitious partner.” All clients are identified as Ashkenazi or Sephardic (a reference to geographic familial origins), and their respective preferences for levels of religious observance are made clear.

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Despite matchmaking’s typically starry language about commitment and eternal soul mates, all matchmakers essentially work in a more vulgar trade: sales.