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In these days of digital media, it's easy to overlook the art of print ads.

But the medium is still as relevant and powerful as ever.

It even picked up a Wood D&AD Pencil in writing for advertising.

Check out more companies that have mastered the art of saying sorry (or not) in our roundup of the good, the bad, and the WTF of brand apologies.

And just because you're working with an age-old medium doesn't mean your design can't create something memorable and full of impact – as these examples prove.Clever visual puns align the practice of checking your breasts for early signs of cancer with typical teen rites of passage such as going clubbing and being able to buy alcohol.Boeker Public Health is a major pest management and food safety company based in the Middle East.If these clever adverts for Heinz look kind of familiar, it's with good reason.They originally featured in an episode of Mad Men where Don Draper tried to pitch a series of ads showing food that goes great with ketchup, but without the ketchup itself visible.

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JWT Dubai created these beautiful-but-gross print ads based on the idea that when it comes to pests, if there’s one, there will be more.