Dating someone in the coast guard

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I could go on dates on weekends and be out in public with my girlfriend, knowing that I didn't have to watch every one of my moves." Both cadets stressed that the environment at the academy had been incredibly welcoming when they became more open about their relationship."There was a great reaction from everyone," Ward said."If DOMA hadn't been repealed, we wouldn't have been able to apply for collocation," Ward said."Ever since then it's been more realistic that [getting engaged] was something we could see happening in the near future." "I decided in late September that I was going to do it, talked with a few of my friends at the academy, and got them to go shopping for a ring with me," Ward said. Everyone thought she would be the one to ask." Ward decided to incorporate one Bloch's ideas into her proposal."It was really nice knowing that there wasn't always somebody who could be watching you or out to get you.I could be open with my feelings however I wanted to."Obviously people weren't open about their sexuality.

The two women became actively involved in the club and its activities; Ward is currently its president.

This is the primary reason why so many seniors at the academy get engaged before graduation — so that they can stay with their boyfriend or girlfriend and not risk being given a two-year assignment on the other side of the country.

Of course, until recently, the federal government did not recognize same-sex engagements or marriages.

It's a tradition at the United States Coast Guard Academy in New London, Conn., that when a cadet becomes engaged to be married, the lucky man or woman's friends will announce the engagement to the entire corps in the wardroom at lunchtime, the one meal that all four years of students eat together. This is the first announcement of its type." There was a brief moment of silence as the room realized the significance of the announcement — the first in the school's 137-year history — before the corps of cadets started cheering and whooping for their classmate and her fiancée, the latest couple who had met and fallen in love at the academy.

"Over the weekend, Cadet First Class Kaitlin Ward got down on one knee and proposed to her longtime girlfriend, Lauren Bloch.

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I never really encountered someone who was looking to turn people in for being gay." The small group of gay and lesbian cadets used a secret Facebook group to talk to and support one another.

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