Dating someone with a broken heart

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Or worse — you might discover that they’re still married.Truth Finder reports display treasure troves of information that can point you in the right direction.If this information is listed in your potential SO’s report, you might learn some important details about their family before you meet face-to-face. You may also learn why you haven’t met their family.

As an added bonus, for less than the price of coffee, you can use Truth Finder’s Reverse Phone Lookup to find out who they’re really texting.

Truth Finder isn't a time machine, but it can help you make informed decisions about your dating partners.

Thanks to Truth Finder, you can get closer to making your relationship goals a reality.

Trust is the building block of a great relationship.

But you've been burned by love before, how can you build that trust with someone new?

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By focusing on what you want, you can avoid wasting your time with unsuitable matches. Dating the wrong person can suck up years — even decades of your time.

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