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Other studies have shown about half of the behavioral, achievement, and emotional problems seen in boys from divorced families could be identified as early as four year prior to the divorce. Thus, the same factors that led to the divorce have likely already had a negative impact on children when the divorce actually occurs.

There seem to be three key areas to understanding how children will adjust in any specific case. Whiteside and Becker, in the March 2000 Journal of Family Psychology, note that what seems to matter most is helping children adjust in the two years after the divorce is for the children to experience an Authoritative style of parenting.

They may be confused, have fantasizes about reconciliation, and show difficulties in expressing their feelings.

Early studies showed that boys had more problems than girls, but later studies have not confirmed this; rather, boys and girls have different kinds of problems as a result of the divorce Are more likely to have fewer memories of either their own or their parents’ earlier conflict; generally close to custodial parent and a competent step-parent.

A child at age 12 who experienced his parents’ divorce at age six is different from a child of age 12 who is now going through his parents’ divorce.

I don't think there is any real book to prepare you for divorce, as each person's experience is so unique.

But as you're headed down the aisle — that's the court aisle — of divorce, there are some things it wouldn't hurt to know as you sever your formerly "forever" relationship.

They tend to show decreased academic performance and disturbed peer relations Other studies have shown that problems resulting from the divorce last into adulthood, and often lead to poorer romantic relationships.

It may be the stress of the childhood relationships to divorced parents, the expectation that marriages can easily end in divorce, or the loss of a close and confiding relationship with two parents who have made a marriage work that account for these findings.

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Now that I'm nearing the end of the divorce process (it's a marathon — not a sprint!

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