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It may sound a little weird, however I personally prefer to keep separate installs of eclipse for different type of projects.This ensures that your eclipse setup has minimum plugins required.I have some projects that use google appengine, some android projects, and some standard Java projects.I'd like to keep these three separate, as the app engine and android projects require extensive plugins to be installed that slow Eclipse down and interfere with other functions.I always used the default settings of eclipse and never tried to tweak it.Many of my colleagues complained that eclipse is slow and moved to other IDEs, however I chose to do more research and tried to find ways to improve eclipse performance. Below are some of hard learned tricks that may help you with eclipse slowness.

In general, have all related projects that require same set of plugins in one install and switch to other installation when you need to work on other project.Important thing to note is that creating separate workspace in same install does not really help since eclipse is not smart enough to load plugins selectively for current workspace.This enhancement may be done in future releases, however currently our best option is to keep a separate install for projects with similar plugin needs. You can change make many changes in this file based on your needs to apply settings on launch of eclipse.The Eclipse Link bundles can be obtained from a P2 repository for installation in a target platform or Eclipse IDE.Copy the following URL into the update site location: .

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The location of varies based on operating systems and is a follows On Windows/Linux : is located in your Eclipse installation directory.

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