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On the scale of difficult things to do, navigating the world of dating and sustaining a healthy relationship over time are surely up there with persuading a 12-year-old girl that Justin Bieber did not create the universe and everything in it.

Thankfully, some people know more about it than most.

Moderators keep the section of Insta Chat Rooms mature instant dating sites safe at all times. Lim is also an established speaker, sharing tips on dating and relationships at selected seminars, workshops and even weddings.Question 1: After a heated argument with my boyfriend of three years, I ransacked his overnight bag and found receipts from men’s spas and gay bars.Two weeks ago, I asked this girl I’d met on Twitter to watch some DVDs at my place.Halfway through a movie, I placed a hand on her thigh and she freaked out.

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I also found pictures on his phone of him posing with a rather good-looking man. Answer Question 2: I work in PR, which means I should know how to read women’s signals very well, right?