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Checking the Photo Features Determining the Photo Techniques Dating Print Film Photos Community Q&A Old photographs can be a great way to investigate historical events, your own family, or just a different time period.

Photographs taken during the 19th century were not the casual snapshots of today but, generally, formal affairs where the family got dressed up in their "Sunday best." Clothing fashions and hairstyle choices changed from year to year, providing yet another basis for determining the approximate date when the photograph was taken.You can use our quick guide on How to Date Old Photos for photos from the 1850's - 1900.For more recent photos, you'll need to rely on clues from the photo itself: Next to the date, the location is the most important thing that can help you identify a family photograph.We have to resort to capturing photographs in order to immortalize those happy moments and enjoy them whenever we want.We may celebrate a specific occasion or travel to any place for refreshing our bodies and relaxing our minds with our children, so why do not we use a camera to photograph those occasions and special moments.

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Daguerreotypes, for example, were popular from 1839 to about 1870, while cabinet cards were in use from about 1866 to 1906.