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They just list a bunch of over-used adjectives and talk about how much they travel and love their life. I had one client who talked about how popcorn was her favorite comfort food.

When I asked her why, she said it was because popcorn reminded her of warm summer nights when she was in high school watching movies on the grass in the park with her friends.

You are in LA, an extremely competitive dating market.

On top of that, you are in an age range where the women have the upper hand in terms of options.

Hi Reddit i've a question about how frequently I should see my girlfriend.

We live about an hour and a half apart from each other (although neither of us drive so we'd be reliant on trains).

Always check your visitors list and contact anybody that interests you, regardless of whether they messaged you.

for a paid OKCupid subscription so you can see who rated you. You don’t have to stop messaging people who don’t initiate contact completely, but you should use this option sparingly.

That way we stay on those sites like some Atlantic City granny who keeps sticking her quarters in the slot machine hoping for those 3 lemons to come across her screen.Keep the messages simple and brief and don’t ask probing or personal questions. If they aren’t willing to meet relatively quickly, I keep it moving.My personal recommendation if someone wishes to engage in extended email banter is to bail. I find OKCupid’s Quickmatch feature to be thoroughly useless. If you’re finding that you’re just not getting any responses, either from the people you’re messaging or other users, then that’s probably a sign that there’s something wrong with your profile or your messages.Also because we'll start our A-Levels in september i'm worried about what effect hard studying is going to have.We're both sixteen and have been going out for two weeks but she's going back to where she lives and i'm wondering how often should we see each other.

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The Quickmatch feature is fraught with frustration and confusion and disappointments. You can copy and paste messages, but you have to include something in each message that demonstrates you read their profile. At this point, the profile text is mostly used as a way for people to determine if you and they aren’t compatible and not the opposite.