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G dragon dating 2016

He's dating casually w a bunch of ppl, not seriously. I had fantasy's of dating before, but when u actually do it..just better casual and then progress to something serious if both parties r interested...I can only assume he starting hanging out more w Kiko and it was developing but it ended.Tags: G-Dragon, Bigbang G-Dragon, G-Dragon dating expert, G-Dragon girlfriend, G-Dragon love life, G-Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara, G-Dragon and Nana Komatsu, Kiko Mizuhara, Nana Komatsu, YG Entertainment, Big Bang, Radio Star, Radio Star Big Bang, Taeyang, Bigbang Taeyang, Seungri, BIGBANG Seungri, T. G-Dragon finally addressed dating rumors surrounding Mizuhara Kiko and Komatsu Nana.they were just seen together and only because you dont have any friends, especially no female ones, you think a guy cant be friends with a girl, thats your pathetic logic youre using, to say theyre dating..all delusional idiots do...and downvoting the truth only proved that you got triggered by it... 1t, I'm not spreading a rumour HE DATED KIKO get your head out your ass!Brainless people like you should have locks on their mouths.I'm seriously done talking to you, don't bother replying because I won't respond to you anymore.

just downvoting me because you show what a stupid delusional idiot you are and doing exactly what gd said is damaging her and also him too..that anyone expects an idiot like you to understand it...

yes, do us all a favor and stop responding and try finding some friends first, before trying to explain relationships here...

Netizens also brought up another Instagram post from back in April, when Taeyeon and G-Dragon uploaded selfies using the same photo app around the same time period. P kept looking at G-Dragon and Taeyeon back and forth, as if there was something special between the two.

you must be really pathetic, that you dont know how it is to have friends of the other gender, the only obvious thing is how youre lying here that you have, just because you want to defend yourself and your stupidity and your delusion, that celebrities cant go out with friends of the other gender and slightly touching each other already means dating for you..words stated it already that he didnt, hes feeding the idiots who cant read and understand his own words, which is why you just interpret things however you like.

you delulus area always pathetic and very stupid and you dont even realize it how you keep proving it. All you've done is repeat the same weak argument over and over and i've refuted every thing you've said.

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Last weekend saw BIGBANG perform the last of their 10th anniversary "0.