Gilles simon dating

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Gilles simon dating

The concept is to go to higher identification of the brand.

Once we have done this, we can define such that it will not compromise your design, your efficiency with a car that looks like your brand car. We have to define this target figure low enough that you can target some design of the car that fits.This is the best way to catch fans and keep them interested, and is generally the case for all sport and all entertainment.What is specific to motorsport is that there is a motor, so you have already technology there. It is about the fight, but it is also the beauty of these cars.As soon as they said “it’s the system that they use in F1”, they got the budget.This effect of leading has always been so, and I believe that it remains important for our industry and our sport.’ ‘The tricky question for us from a technical regulations side is to find a balance between the cost and the maximum technology that you can fit into it for that price,’ says Simon.

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‘I don’t feel that entertainment and technology are against each other.

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