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Analyses investigating low frequency variants have the potential for explaining additional genetic heritability of many complex human traits.However, the natural frequencies of rare variation between human populations strongly confound genetic analyses.This ratio also suggests low frequency variants are only weakly filtered by selection [2], [4].In addition, low frequency variants represent a considerable proportion of the genome due to recent explosive population growth [3].Knowledge of population structure and the genomic landscape in a region of interest are important factors in determining the extent of confounding due to population stratification in a low frequency genomic analysis.In the field of human genetics research, there has been increasing interest in the role of low frequency variation in complex human disease (defined in this text as variants with a minor allele frequency between 0.5%–3%).For example, in the CEU (Northern/Western European Ancestry, USA)−YRI (Yoruba African) comparison, approximately 44% of the gene-exon bins had significant differences in low frequency variant burden.

Seventy-five individuals of 1080 total individuals were parsimoniously removed to achieve a pi_hat shows the IBS calculations after removing 75 individuals with cryptic relatedness.The values and color intensity within each block represent the proportion of significant bins after Bonferroni correction out of the total number of bins generated between two populations.The coding regions show a trend of a lower proportion of significant bins with low frequency variant burden differences than either the intron or intergenic bins.Variants were collapsed according to genetically driven features, such as evolutionary conserved regions, regulatory regions genes, and pathways.We have conducted an extensive comparison of low frequency variant burden differences (MAFLow frequency variants are likely to play an important role in uncovering complex trait heritability; however, they are often continent or population specific.

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