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Guys jacking off chat

The final bell rang at school, and we knew that summer had finally begun. We had both been looking forward to the campgrounds forever.

That night, I had plans to hang out with my best friend, Jamey, down at the campgrounds that my family owned.

I walked into the kitchen and started making breakfast.

He looked down at his phone and started doing something else.

He walks over to the couch where I am, and he starts at my hand, licking all around.

He grabs my cock and puts it in his mouth and starts blowing me.

I pulled the blankets off and saw that he had a hard-on. We've been best friends for years, and we've always had a little gay humor. Like, sometimes he'd tell me to suck his dick, just as a joke, or I'd kiss his cheek. We are both in high school, I'm a freshman and he's a sophomore. At about 3 in the morning, I feel something moving in the bed. He had on some athletic shorts, but still no shirt.

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We head to the bed and get underneath the blankets.