Hetero roulette

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I didn't want to go, but my friend begged me to.She was a coworker and wanted me to meet her best gay friend. It was a night that I've always had a hard time explaining to people, I don't believe in love at first sight, but I had an overwhelming feeling that this person and I should be together. We had exchanged numbers, but he often wouldn't answer my texts or phone calls.The flu and fever cleared itself after a few days and I assumed that was the end of it, although I couldn't shake a bad feeling that I had contracted something from my shitty one night stand.IMPORTANT TO READ: This short period of sickness is not a symptom of AIDS, as a lot of people seem to believe and are asking me about.He seems to be relatively unworried, so I'm taking that as good news.Additionally, he's happy about the fact that I caught this extremely early on in its progression. I've struggled with immense image issues and depression since this all started.

We dated for a few weeks and still hadn't talked about his disease. I could tell he was scared to say something, but I wanted him to tell me on his own terms. I'm still HIV negative and we live together happily in Missouri, in a small home with a big yard.Wearing protection (correctly) VASTLY decreases your risk of contracting an STD through sex. In March of this year I met someone through the craigslist "men seeking men" section out of boredom with my lackluster sex life and an urge to do something exciting and erotic. A week later I came down with an absolutely horrendous flu/fever that reached 103.5 degrees and stayed there for 5 days.We had a brief one-night-stand, using protection, and nothing interesting came of that night. I eventually went to the ER where I was misdiagnosed with strep throat and sent home with antibiotics.This is called Acute Retroviral Syndrome or Primary HIV Infection.It is the body's natural response to a foreign host replicating at a high level in the body.

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I don't know if it was shame, fear, or both but he says yes and was negative.

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