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Bev Neblett, Associate Dean – Community Services Programs Room: SW106K Ext: 2471 [email protected] Burke, Associate Dean – Health Programs Room: SW106H Ext: 2125 [email protected] Connor, Administrative Co-ordinator Room: SW106G Ext: 2375 [email protected] Mc Guire, Student Advisor Room: SW106D Ext: 3066 [email protected] Tufts, Student Advisor/Placement Officer Room: SW106M Ext:2288 [email protected] West, Student Advisor/Placement Officer Room: SW106F Ext:2408 [email protected] Lovisa, Student Advisor Room: SW106E Ext: 6586 [email protected] Nelles, Documentation Clerk Room: SW106 Ext: 3601 [email protected] Powell, Student Advisor/Placement Officer Room: SW106N Ext: 2199 [email protected] Donner, Administrative Assistant Room: SW106 Ext: 2944 [email protected] Thomson, Administrative Assistant Room: SW106 Ext: 2149 [email protected] Robinson, Dental clinic Receptionist Room: SW107 Ext: 3074 [email protected] Hayes Dental Lab Technologist Room: A232A Ext: 2887 [email protected] Mc Ewan, Clinical Simulation Program Advisor Room: SW207E Ext: 2345 [email protected] Ramzia, Critical Care Administrative Assistant Room: SW106 Ext: 2542 [email protected] Wingate, CICE Clerk Room: SW106 Extn 2059 [email protected] Bursey, Nursing Lab Technologist Room: SW206D Ext: 2183 [email protected] Pickell, Dental Lab Technologist Room: A232A Ext: 2764 [email protected] Dunn, Program Co-ordinator – Dental Hygiene Room: A239A Ext: 2727 [email protected] Cochrane, Program Co-ordinator – Year 4 – BSc N Room: SW106G Ext: 2196 [email protected], Program Co-ordinator – Critical Care Nursing Room: SW106I Ext: 2064 Chris Harris, Program Co-ordinator – Year 1 – Child and Youth Care Room: SW106F Ext: 2870 [email protected] Robinson, Program Co-ordinator – Child and Youth Care Room: SW205 Ext: 2618 Lori.

"People do the most wonderful things in the remotest of communities," Outram said. Sheikh said he doesn’t expect the women he dates to pay on the first few outings, and the bills can stack up.“If you go to a restaurant patio and get dinner and drinks, the first date can be up to 100 bucks, especially if you’re trying to make the right impression,” he said. At least, Jibran Sheikh, a 26-year-old who works in wealth management in Toronto, found that to be the case. "Keep it up," offered Amos Keys of the Aboriginal Music Awards.Organized by designer Angela De Montigny (Cree/Metis, Six Nations, Ontario) and Carol Outram, director of the design division of the Canadian Apparel Federation, Meet the Challenge took place during L'Oreal Fashion Week, March 14 to 19.

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"They need to know this is something they can be a part of." The members of the design council first came together last year for Fashion Nation, a fashion show featuring the works of Aboriginal designers held in Toronto during last year's Fashion Week, and decided based on that experience that the whole could be greater than the sum of the parts, De Montigny said.