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I wonder if that was why I put up with everything that I did.

I felt like I was too extroverted to be anyone’s girlfriend; I had strong values and voiced a lot of controversial opinions.The next several months of my life became a hell of guilt and fear.Any time I told T that I didn’t want him planning our future, he would burst in to tears and tell me he was afraid of being abandoned like his mother had done to him.He became extremely jealous, and wanted to know where I was all the time.Any time I would shut off my phone to just be away for a few hours, he would start to call my friends and family to see where I was.

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Part of me dreaded to see T every day because I was afraid he would bring up a future life together, and I had to explain to my boyfriend that I After actually skipping some of my classes to avoid him, my mom told me to get a grip and confront him.

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  1. She had been picking a fight about me never wanting to eat 'her food', (a tired argument I had been assiduously attempting to avoid), and then to up the provocation ante tossed an uneaten pickle right onto my syrup laden pancakes.