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Military friends dating site

Hinge doesn’t ask the usual array of questions like "Do you believe in God?" from its users, and instead relies on pre-existing signals to make assumptions about you.

"There was no pattern to it," says Kleint, who was expecting to see some people with 1,000 matches and some with just a few.

Instead, he found that there do seem to be "a lot of fish in the sea" for any given person, since we all have different tastes.

"One of our problems is computing attractiveness," says Kleint.

Given that Hinge pulls from a smaller pool of potential matches than other dating apps, making smart recommendations based on good data is key, an idea which captivated a restless Kleint.

"In defense, you’re looking for the bad guys, or following money and influence," he says.

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"There are certain factors that go into a stable long-term relationship, and you can infer some of those factors from your friends," he says. There’s no guessing that likes should have 20 percent weight and attraction should be 30 percent." Picking matches is especially hard since different people have different tastes.