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Myspace impact on dating

The original hack could’ve occurred anytime between 20. This tells you whether your data has been part of a breach. Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, reassured users:“We take the security and privacy of customer data and information extremely seriously — especially in an age when malicious hackers are increasingly sophisticated and breaches across all industries have become all too common.If you can recall the email you used to sign up to My Space all those years ago, type it in. Our information security and privacy teams are doing everything we can to support the My Space team.”We’ve been told that private information is taken seriously.This changes passwords into different digits, but isn’t actually very secure.

Feel free to re-publish this interview (or portions of this interview) with proper attribution.danah: My Space and Facebook are social network sites where individuals create profiles and link to others (“friends”) within the system.The profile serves as an individual’s digital representation (similar to homepages) of their tastes, fashion, and identity.What’s worse, My Space has known about this for a few months, and has done nothing about it. We’ve got Leigh-Anne Galloway from Positive Technologies to thank for exposing this vulnerability. Three months on, she decided the world should know, and My Space was forced to actually do something. These 10 pieces of information are what thieves are looking....Until it got some bad press from major media outlets. She first found the issue in April, and accordingly alerted My Space. And while there’s not vast amounts of information still on there, it’s not to be sniffed at. If there’s anything embarrassing on there, how would you feel if it were used against you?

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But recent breaches and flaws may have dented your trust in the cryptographic protocol. Or do you feel it’s pointless to delete what’s already out there, after the number of security compromises?

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