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No 1 free sex for mobiles

This was happening for a fortnight and Dileep sitting on the sofa could no longer see his mother suffer which prompted him to pick ip the diary and skin its pages. “Well if it is so, so it be,” saying it she felt much relieved thinking all her worries had come to an end.On finding the desired number he dialled and the wait was tormenting before Shyla his mother’s friend picked up the phone. Dileep returned home to see a much livelier Megha relaxing on the sofa. “Because I don’t want to see you suffer any more.” Megha felt her eyes filling up.During the time he was out she used to sit and recap all minor incidences which had taken place and tried to debate them in her mind.

He tried to remove all such things which would bring back the memories of his father and at the same time took good care of her. She loved all his work and went a step forward to take good care of him.

Sometimes she howls at me and today I heard her mouth bad words.” Said Dileep. They have many weaknesses which they hide behind their saris. “Yes and see that her ego is not hurt,” she replied. Finally he left a note to call him and left for office. He felt he ought to have gone up and spoken to her. Pausing for a moment he rang his mother but she did not pick the phone. Another half hour dragged by he tried again but same result prevailed.

She comes out only when it’s very essential and even then she evades me. “You know women need company of a strong man who commands her and at the same time respects her. Many times he felt like going and knocking on her door, but decided against it.

“Yes I know the idiot left her almost a year ago,” saying it she suddenly stopped as she recalled Megha speaking about her boss passing lewd remarks and making passes at her. Changing course, she asked “How is your business going, can you support her? “Then see that she quits the job.” “Fine, is it not a fact that he left her for another woman? “Yes a woman half his age,” and thinking deeply “You know how women feel when they are cheated, they are depressed and find fault with themselves, but your mother is a very strong, stubborn lady and I think she needs some companionship.” “How can I help when she does not speak to Me.” he said. “You can, provided you understand what her needs are.” She said softly. His mother who was lying on the sofa looked pale and as he touched her hand it was burning with fever. For two days Dileep took care of his mother without moving out of her sight and on the third morning as temperature was normal, his mother said.

“Perhaps it’s the tension of her workload,” she replied. I think it’s something different which is bothering her and you know about father,” he said. Your mother is one of them and you have to win her over.” She added. “Be the man she is looking for, be the man of the house, own her.” “How is it possible? His anxiety grew and before he could ring again he got a message “not well running fever.” Reading the message Dileep virtually ran out of office.

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Megha did not move but let him feast his eyes and as Dileep looked up his eyes came in contact with hers.

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