On dating stages in prebiotic chemical evolution quotes about dating someone again

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On dating stages in prebiotic chemical evolution

But the toughest problems are biological, in Stages 2A and 2B, because the simplest possible "living system" seems to require hundreds of components interacting in an organized way to achieve self-replication and energy production, and this organized complexity would have to occur before natural selection (which depends on self-replication) was available.For these stages we can ask, "Are scientists learning that what is required for life is greater than what is possible by natural process?Miller and Urey created an apparatus that simulated the primitive environment.They used a warmed flask of water for the ocean, and an atmosphere of water, hydrogen, ammonia and methane.For example, all modern life involves proteins and DNA, but the production of protein requires DNA, and the production of DNA requires protein, and both require RNA and more, operating in a complex coordinated system.Could a simple organism be "alive" with only proteins, or only DNA?• Loren Haarsma & Terry Gray (2003) briefly outline a possible process for a natural origin of life.Before looking at web-pages with proposals (and criticisms, as in claims for INTELLIGENT DESIGN) for various scientific theories about a natural origin of life, let's get a "big picture overview" of some problems and possible solutions: There are chemistry problems in Stages 1A and 1B, due to some energetically unfavorable reactions and unproductive competitive reactions.

13.7 billion years ago and there was no matter at that time.Sparks discharged into the artificial atmosphere represented lightning.A condenser cooled the atmosphere, causing rain that returned water and dissolved compounds back to the simulated sea.Their results gave credence to the idea that simple substances in the warm primordial seas gave rise to the chemical building blocks of organisms.Read more: Chemical Evolution - The primitive Earth - Atmosphere, Life, Water, Rna, Molecules, and Organic JQj Z This information is in need of serious updating.

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which self-organized, by a variety of interactions, into a semi-alive system 2B.

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