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Saltandpepper dating

When you visit any of the more established Crown restaurants you expect to be dazzled, at least a touch, and you come to…

For those of you that know me you’ll know that I’m an itchy feet kind of person. I can’t stay in one country for too long without becoming frustrated and feeling rather stuck.

He’s also taken the time to send a message to a “young lady, she’s a fighter” La Kresha Norton.

One perfect Saturday evening out with my boyfriend, Rosetta proved to be that delicious dash of surprising added to our evening.

That trip was what started Salt and Pepper Stories and its a host of a million incredible memories. Hidden gems in any city are usually a bit off the beaten track and only discovered by foreigners either by accident or if your directed by a local. Using the freshest of local produce in their delicious breakfasts, lunches and for those with a…

Armed with the advice of some true Londoners we set out for this supposedly epic food market, borough market. A charming little ‘handcrafted’ micro coffee roaster and eatery, you will find BEANd tucked away at the end of the main street of San Remo. I don’t normally take a vocal role in the Salt Pepper Stories site, I’m more a consumer and often, the guy footing the bill behind the scenes.

For a while it was “fruity, medium-heat” Aleppo flakes, but perhaps readers were skittish about a cruel, unending war too close to that name, so Aleppo was bumped by the similar but “smoky, raisiny, chocolatey” Maras or Marash pepper, although its home country, Turkey, isn’t exactly Eden. And no homemaker fills shakers anymore, greasy Liberace shapes butt-plugged with cracked corks. The dull, sandy salt smells of iodine that could prevent goiters or save the best of us after the blast.

Decades ago, zealous restaurants asserted the chef’s and not the customer’s primacy by leaving both salt and pepper off their tables.

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