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Self validating textbox

The code essentially ensures that there is one (and only one) "@" in the string, plus at least one period in the substring that follows the "@" (but not immediately following the "@").It also checks to make sure that at least the first occurrence of a period is followed by at least one other character.Even so, we can think in general terms about the kind of data validation required for a typical application, and how it might be implemented.Some common data validation requirements are outlined below.Proceed as follows: Name: lbl Password Note Auto Size: False Font: Microsoft Sans Serif, 10pt Location: 603, 269Size: 261, 53Text: "Note: "Password must be between six and sixteen characters in length and contain only letters and numbers"Text Align: Middle Right) is often used to describe this kind of validation.

To demonstrate some simple validation techniques, we will create a data entry form of the type typically found on a web page.Otherwise, the code loops through the input string one character at a time, to make sure that all of the characters input by the user match one of the allowed characters.The Visual Basic function checks for the presence of one string inside another, and if it does not find it returns zero.Note also that the two password text boxes should have their event, which will check the form data for validity before sending it to the (in this case imaginary) server application.There will be a number of validation routines attached to other controls, however, to ensure that invalid input is handled as early as possible.

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Text, "@") function) of the first occurrence (if any) of the at sign ("@") character in the string, and the location of the first occurrence thereafter (if any) of the period (".") character.