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Written by Nick Shofar, this article discusses 2112 and how the band attempted to "get away from the stigma of Led Zeppelin".This article can be read via the following two links: Cover --- Article.Note the caption under the image of the band on the first page of the article.

Written by Starr Arning, this short article briefly discusses Rush's early years, their upcoming appearance on the Don Kirshner's Rock Concert television show and how they expect to put "...a lighter part in the middle of [their] show..." after they begin headlining concerts. Georgia Straight, Vancouver's Weekly News Magazine, did a cover feature on Rush back in September of 1977.

Later in 1974, Rush made what was probably their first appearance in Billboard Magazine with this articled titled Rush Hot On Circuit.

This uncredited short article appeared in the October 19th, 1974 edition of Billboard and includes a rare picture of the band with Neil Peart.

The March 1976 edition of Creem (America's Only Rock 'n' Roll) Magazine included a two-page article called Rush: Pebbles & Bam-Bam in Alphaville by Rick Johnson. Next comes an article titled How To Click Without Airplay.

Published in the December 22nd, 1976 edition of Variety, this article, sub-titled Canadian Rock Trio, Rush, Brushed Off By Radio Station, But Sells Records is an interesting look back at how Rush, against all odds, did succeed.

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The February 14th-20th, 1980 edition of Scene Entertainment Weekly (of Northeast Ohio), included a two-page, front cover article on Rush called Rush: Something Special for Everyone.