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We gave mutual pleasure and it was very satisfying. There u can find a good, cheap, and according to your budget, sexy females. At the exit on the main road there’s a fast food shop on right. He will provide u with best babes matching your budget.· Pick up joint at Colaba - if interested in pick up go to Cannon Bar opp. There are some very good women out there of course one has to spend a lot of money on them, till they give you their no. to hospital, has on the ground floor of the building, an establishment run by a person who is named Vishnu Dada. Further, if you’re looking for young college girls (they’re costly though - upto Rs 4K) go to SNDT college in Santacruz. Of course few of them even told us to take them home, money was no bar to them. Another place, which I found was really very cool, was Nightlover, which is out on Sakinaka rd, in a hotel called Sun and Sheel.

They charge u for short time, or long time you have to tell the person your budget and accordingly he would call the girls u pick 1. If u pay her 100 bucks, then you r sure to get a wonderful suck of ur life, the gals and the dada r very good and do not cheat u.· Hotel Omeez – Bandra (W) Near Bandra Railway Stn, Opp Veena, and Beena Complex: It is one of the best places I've been to for picking up girls. · Females at Santacruz - As you walk from Santacruz station West to SV road in the main market on your right u will come across a famous saree shop. U will come across a beauty parlor, which goes to the basement. But really very sexy women Of course one can Waste a lot of money out there, so guy if you can’t afford it don’t even bother to go to these kind of places.

Chatting, talking on the phone, sending emails and getting to know new people have been very important for me and very rewarding emotionally speaking.

You talk to people more that you would imagine, you confide in them more that you would expect.

Space Garden in Juhu and the one outside Mira Road station. For massage, one has to enter through a closet/cupboard door and into a room with several cubicles. Having been to Bangkok, I can say that Bombay comes nowhere close to the quality and service one gets in Bangkok.

Which is an indicator that such activities are done on the sly. In Bombay, unless you visit a massage parlor/bar frequently, there is a high risk of being shortchanged since money is demanded upfront.

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If the politicians/rulers change their hypocritical attitude, there is good potential in Bombay. For cute girls try Gopika at Panvel worth for your money.· Wanna Enjoy True GSB's i.e. Ask for Hong Kong Bank, then take a turn right to Pali hill, ask for Zig Zag road, at the entrance is State Bank of India.

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