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The Minimum Commitment Payment for the additional licenses added as of the Amended Date is payable initially on an * basis for the first year, starting on the Amended Date; and then thereafter, unless not renewed per the terms of Section IX, is paid *, starting March 26, 2004 until the end of the Term of the contract.The Minimum Commitment Payments shall be due in full according to the Minimum Commitment Payment schedule set forth below.If Brightmail’s New Business exceeds the * Authorized User threshold at any time during the * then Brightmail must purchase additional * in * Authorized User increments for a total of * (“ Incremental *”).The* and Incremental * are co-terminus for the same * period in which they are purchased but the Incremental * will be prorated as to the remaining time period in * period.Brightmail shall only be required to remit Payments for the Price so calculated to the extent that such Payments exceed the amount of any * portion of the Minimum Commitment Payment actually paid with respect to the applicable calendar * (the “ Existing Business Adjustment”).

A Regional Report showing the Authorized User total for New Business, as totalled on the last Friday of the calendar * and the need for the purchase of an Incremental License based on the actual number of Authorized Users shall be due from Brightmail within * days after the end of each calendar * during the Term for the preceding calendar *.

* The Minimum Commitment Payments for the Existing Business do not include any Existing Business Adjustment in the first three (3) quarters from the Effective Date of the Agreement, Incremental * purchases through out the Term, or Existing Business in the fourth quarter of year one (1), all of year two (2), or year three (3).

* Only the * payments indicated by asterisks will be on payment terms of * days from the following *, * & * all other payments set forth above will remain as stated herein. Reporting and Payments for the Price In Excess of the Minimum Commitment Payments.

All Payments, for purposes of both Existing Business and New Business which are not received within * days from the indicated Payment due date will be subject to late payment penalty fees. For the first three (3) quarters after the Effective Date, a Minimum Commitment of * for each calendar * shall apply to the Existing Business.

All Minimum Commitment Payments are due on the date indicated on the schedules below without net thirty (30) being applied unless otherwise indicated. In terms of New Business, the Minimum Commitment Payment is the * payable over * for the Term of the Agreement, in the amount of * per calendar *, starting on the Effective Date of this Agreement.

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