Syria dating customs

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Reflecting the government's efforts, women's literacy increased from 48 percent in 1990 to 74 percent in 2002; 29.2 percent of women are economically active; and 45.8 percent of married women now use contraception.

The Syrian constitution, ratified in 1973, guarantees the Ba'ath Party's dominance in the People's Assembly – Syria's parliament – by reserving assembly seats for members of the Ba'ath Party and the National Progressive Front (NPF), the umbrella group of Syrian parties of which the Ba'ath Party is the legal head.

While the Syrian constitution requires the president to be a Muslim, Syria has no official religion.

A majority of Syrians (74 percent) are Sunni Muslim.

Syria is a middle-income developing country with a per capita GDP (PPP) of ,620 and a Human Development Index rating of 0.710.

The centrally planned economy depends heavily on the agricultural sector and on oil-related products and services.

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