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Teen dating abuse laws in ny

But over time he became jealous and possessive, accusing her of lying and cheating.By December 2007 Kaity had enough, and she ended the relationship.

Bobbi and Ric were also instrumental in passing Kaity’s Law, an Arizona law that provides protection to people in dating relationships. “It would be great to get something passed on the federal level to capture those remaining states,” Bobbi says. We’ve seen a rise in orders of protection because of Kaity’s Law, and I feel very strongly that had Kaity’s Law been in effect [her ex-boyfriend] would have been arrested when he assaulted her in public,” Bobbi says.A month later, he assaulted her at school and Kaity and her family got an injunction against harassment to help protect her. A few weeks later, while Kaity was walking home from school, her ex-boyfriend shot and killed her before turning the gun on himself and committing suicide. “She was a victim of teen dating violence in the worst imaginable way,” says her mother, Bobbi Sudberry.After Kaity’s death, Bobbi and her husband, Ric, realized how little awareness there was surrounding teen dating violence.Those who say something typically talk to a friend.Statistics like these pushed Bobbi and Ric to launch Kaity’s Way, a nonprofit organization that promotes safe, healthy teen dating relationships and raises community awareness of teen dating violence.

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In late 2006, Phoenix, Ariz., high school student Kaitlyn Marie Sudberry, known to friends and family as Kaity, began dating a young man.