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You should however be able to skip to any chapter you want without the need to follow the entire plot.If you happen to be an artist and want to contribute any illustrations based on my stories, PM me!This was sounding promising, even if a little weird. This must be a really lucid bad dream and I'm going to wake up any second now..."Wonderful! The mysterious woman stared back at her, looking her up and down. The expensive looking designer lingerie barely covered her large perfectly round breasts but revealed her hard flat abs and almost everything else.Maybe it wasn't time to hang up her hat at Chem-Silon after all. " Prunella Snyde said, wringing her long nail varnished fingers. As she neared them, Stephanie could see her curvy backside, clad in just a thong.Megan watched it close behind her and admitted to herself that things could always be worse. Brash and outgoing, she was only in her late twenties but had somehow found a way to slide through the gaps into middle management. I mean yes, Miss Coy, but I'll get you another one right now.""No, you won't Jennifer. Megan raised an eyebrow and pushed another resum her way. "Now this looks interesting..."David didn't have much experience behind him for the position. For that reason alone, Megan happily added David's paperwork to her pile. When he first came into the office, even Megan found herself wondering dreamily what sport he played in high school. All in all, he was in Stephanie's office longer than Megan expected but when they came out, Stephanie's giggling, flirty manner told her everything she needed to know. Her boss had a major crush on him and quite frankly, her overt efforts at playful banter were embarrassing.The fact that she was a failed actress may have had something to do with her ability to manipulate people but she still created drama wherever she went. In fact, her looks had carried her half the distance. I'm so sorry, I...""Do you expect me to drink a full fat latt? I can't have incompetent nitwits like you in my department. You've crossed the line this time."Jennifer's mouth dropped. You know, just to see if that makes a difference."She hung up the phone without another word. The faster she found the bitch another victim, the sooner she could at least get back to her own work."Nope," said Stephanie nonchalantly, leaning back in her executive seat and throwing the resum in the waste basket. "Megan stood on the other side of the desk, folder in hand. I can't have people like this doing my typing if they probably don't even speak good English."Megan peered down at the African-American man's picture and profile information. In fact, his resum had been left on her desk with a note attached to consider him for the role, signed by Alison Fayre, the regional director herself. As it turned out, he was just as good looking as in his photo. Around David, Stephanie was a different person and not just because she was obviously spending a lot more time in the mornings doing her hair and makeup.

"Great, I'll book us a table at a place down the street. " She jotted down the note, just to give herself more time to linger near him.

If you value justice, be at the pier by Gino's diner this evening. The message cut out and gave Megan the option to replay it. She was excited by the prospect of a little mystery suddenly in her life but also nervous. Tabitha circled around Megan's legs."What do YOU think, Tabs? There was a cool breeze coming off the ocean and Megan enjoyed watching the waves as she waited for the mystery caller. ""When Seahorse was no longer funded, some of those who had been working on it decided that all that time and effort couldn't just go to waste. Her skin was just as white and smooth as she had hoped. The girl tried to cover herself with her hands, pressing an arm against her chest and an awkward hand between her legs."No use in modesty anymore, slut.

Seven thirty."It was a female voice and that was all it said. At seven thirty exactly, she turned around to see a woman in a raincoat and horn-rimmed glasses. They continued the research privately, developing not only chemical substances to reorient human self-control but full retraining packages that actually improved more and more on the subjects as the years went on. Keep your hands behind you."Despite herself, Stephanie obeyed.

In fact, Chem-Silon built itself up on the back of a number of Seahorse products, including our range of anti-psychotics..."The food came and Alison went quiet, waiting for the waitress to leave them in private again. "So Chem-Silon owes its capital to secret government experiments about mind control? "Sighing, Alison cut into her food, dissecting her steak into tiny pieces. After years of experimenting, those scientists got a breakthrough. Abruptly, Madame Snyde turned to the door and yelled out. The first thing Stephanie thought when she saw the twenty-something year old was that she was beautiful. With her tanned skin and striking features, she possessed Kardashian-like looks that could have made her a model.

Now the process is believed to be next to flawless. "I said I wanted to take a good look at you," said Snyde, "and those clothes really aren't appropriate for you anymore."Stephanie looked down at herself and found she was wearing the same cocktail dress she had worn that night with David. Her dark brown hair was immaculately groomed, falling in waves around her neck and shoulders.

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