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But always remember to be genuinely interested in her passions, or you’ll just end up hurting her feelings. A big part of relationships is sexual chemistry and naughty conversations.

Talk dirty to her or ask her a few naughty questions while texting each other or talking late into the night.

She may blush or act coy, but she’d definitely love the sexual excitement you’re building in the conversation.

[Read: 20 dirty questions to ask a girl and make her wet] #11 Around the world.

There are many ways to help a relationship grow, but nothing beats communication, especially in a new relationship.

And perfect communication always starts with happy conversations.

Most of us spend an entire year dreaming of the yearly vacation, or spend a whole week planning the next romantic date. She’ll love talking about date ideas that interest her, especially when it comes to new movies, restaurants, and fun things to do together, be it planning a vacation together or coming up with ideas to spend the whole of Saturday together. Compliment your girlfriend about her dress or something special she did for you.

Every girl feels appreciated and loved when she hears a genuine compliment from the guy she likes.

Your girlfriend will feel wonderful to see that you’re really interested in talking about things that are close to her heart.[Read: 6 naughty texting games to have fun all night] #5 Talk about your secrets. Do you have a few secrets that you don’t generally tell everyone you meet? It’ll flatter her and make her see that you trust her enough to share your deep secrets with her.And before you know it, she’ll start sharing her secrets with you, and become much more intimate with you. Childhood memories are always fun to talk about and to listen, especially if it involves an embarrassing or funny incident.Talk to her about how beautiful she looked on the last date, or how sweet her voice sounds over the phone.[Read: How to compliment a girl and make her blush] Good compliments always lead to better romance and more romantic conversations.

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