Thereby consolidating the overall network accounting

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Thereby consolidating the overall network accounting

With the de facto bankruptcy, the company will be targeting restructuring under the control of the court henceforth, but some of its operational vessels are already being seized right now.

Further, Hanjin has a much bigger scale than those that have gone under in the past and this is the first ...

At the same time, it also revealed plans to look into separating its oil development division.

Given the stagnant state of the shipping market and the deteriorating business environment due to depreciation of crude oil prices, the company will reorganize its operations into two divisions, which will each move forward with new growth strategies.

As for port facility development, YKIP aims to open D-1 terminal at Honmoku Pier by 2018, and promote the development of MC-3 east side and MC-4 at Minami-Honmoku, planning to kick off operation of these terminals at an early stage.

We therefore plan to reduce the volume of supplies in order to improve the substance of operations." ANA plans to adjust supply and demand in the second half of current fiscal year and improve profitability through the operation of charter and extra flights during the peak season. On August 5, Amazon showcased its first B767-300F aircraft (modified cargo aircraft, its registration number is N1997A) at the Seafair 2016 Boeing Air Show (held from August 5-7 in Seattle, Washington).

Its nickname is "Amazon One." The aircraft has been decorated with the logo of "Prime Air" on the body and the mark of Amazon on the tail.

In order to compensate for the decline in the capacity for domestic flight, new facilities will be put in place.

Specifically, a boarding bridge for domestic flights will be newly added to the apron on the north side of the Domestic Terminal 2.

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This apron is also located on the east side of the domestic flight east cargo area, so the new facility will be constructed in a way that it will no impact on the cargo area and warehouse stations.