Ufs error updating

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Ufs error updating

At this moment you can validate the uploaded file before writing it to the store. A common use is to resize/compress images to optimize the uploaded files.

NOTE: Do not forget to install the required libs on your system with NPM (GM, Image Magick, Graphics Magic K or whatever you are using).

Before v0.6.7, a store must be available on the client and the server.

A store is the place where your files are saved, it could be your local hard drive or a distant cloud hosting solution. The filter is tested before inserting a file in the collection.

For information about ZFS and Oracle Solaris Live Upgrade requirements, see Oracle Solaris Installation and Oracle Solaris Live Upgrade Requirements for ZFS Support.

Review the following issues before you use Oracle Solaris Live Upgrade to migrate your UFS root file system to a ZFS root file system: operation.

When the file is fully uploaded to the server, it's still in a temporary location.

The ZFS storage pool must be created with slices rather than with whole disks to be upgradeable and bootable.

Before you create the new pool, ensure that the disks to be used in the pool have an SMI (VTOC) label instead of an EFI label.

The permission system has changed since method on the store.

Note: Since v0.3.5, every file has a token attribute when its transfer is complete, this token can be used as a password to access/display the file. You can also change this token whenever you want making older links to be staled.

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