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Are you talking about the debug drawing that bullet does?

Sounds to me like the physics object is rendered first, followed by your graphics object.

No one will notice that you use this ugly trick, hee heee (except you).

I'm not sure what you mean by you can see the physics object moving before and the graphics following?

In this article we dive into a practical exercise, giving you some more practice in building custom Java Script objects, with a fun and colorful result.In this article we will take a look at three popular Javascript physics libraries and one that is currently in development: box2dweb, Ammo.js, Jig Lib JS, and For each one, a quick introduction will be given and then the library will be rated based on ease of use, performance, and feature set. Additionally, if you simple put your object into the scene, it will move nicely and realisticly. I am quite lazy so it matters :) The screencast presents the demo we gonna code and various examples of what is possible with For simplicity sake, we will use only one directional light.Last year, “Performance: Caching Material” post was about this very topic.

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Dont be shy, play with those parameters to get a feel of it. By default, it is automatically computed depending on the volume of the object.