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This column, or columns, is called the primary key (PK) of the table and enforces the entity integrity of the table.You can create a primary key by defining a PRIMARY KEY constraint when you create or modify a table.I am convinced that's it's because too many practitioners choose to ignore fundamental design rules in RM that they create real life problems on hard to maintain systems (NULLS, redundancy, dupplicates, etc...).After that, too many practitionners keep running behind problems they created themselves.I tried to use Update Override in which, I update only the Check_Date column having where condition with all the other columns.I am using Update Strategy transformation as well with "DD_UPDATE" condition. But it looks the error message is not very clear to the present situation because I got the same error message for few other unrelated errors.I respectfully disagree on the perspective (always a pleasure Scott !!! I do not believe there should any priority of any kind: both are equally important.Poor implementation with good theory supporting is bad.

I unfortunately do not believe we have as db professionals the luxury of choosing between theory and implementation (or real life)..implementation with no theory at all is even worse: the chances for building a sound db schema without *some* undistorted knowledge of fundamentals is close to zero.A true primary key should be *stable* in *any* case else chances it is everything but a primary key.THIS HAS GOT NOTHING TO DO WITH IDENTITY as the questionner has said several times...if you do allow the product id to change then the procedure needs an OLDProduct ID and A New Productid parameter so update ...

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I CAN UPDATE other fields but not the prodid, how do i correct this thanks ========================sp===== ALTER PROCEDURE SPR_UPDATE_PRODUCTS ( @prod ID int, @prod Code varchar(10), @prod Name varchar(30), @prod Desc varchar(200), @pf ID int, @prod Lic Name varchar(50), @prod Lic Enc Key varchar(20), @supported smallint, @lic Version smallint, @prod Alt Code varchar(10) ) AS UPDATE product SET prod ID [email protected] ID, prod Code [email protected] Code, prod Name [email protected] Name, prod Desc [email protected] Desc, pf ID [email protected] ID, prod Lic Name [email protected] Lic Name, prod Lic Enc Key [email protected] Lic Enc Key, supported [email protected], lic Version [email protected] Version, prod Alt Code [email protected] Alt Code WHERE prod ID = @prod ID GO ============================ 'Updates users Public Shared Function Update Product(By Val product Profile As Product Profile) As Boolean Dim DBConnection As Sql Connection = Connection() Dim Prod ID As Sql Parameter DBConnection.

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